Submission Guidelines

Instructions for Authors

Authors must submit an original manuscript that has not previously been published and addresses at least one area of the Focus and Scope of the journal. All manuscripts must be written in English. Authors must follow the Journal's LaTeX template for the preparation of their manuscripts. ParadigmPlus encourages authors to include their ORCIDs in their papers.

Each submission must meet the following aspects:

  • The minimum length is 5.000 words (excluding references).
  • The maximum length is 10.000 words (excluding references).
  • The abstract must have 100 to 200 words. 
  • Authors information, Acknowledgments section, and Authors' Contributions section must be removed. The LaTeX template allows removing this information by using the command
  • Figures must be clear and legible. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) (rather than rasterized images) should be used for diagrams and schemas. Line drawings are to have a resolution of at least 800 dpi. The lettering in figures should not use font sizes smaller than 6 pt. If screenshots are necessary, the essential content must be clear to the reader.
  • Figures, tables, listings, algorithms, and equations must be cross-referred in the text.
  • References must be included in BibTeX format.

When a submission is accepted, authors must follow the following aspects:

  • Including Authors Information, Authors' Contributions, Acknowledgments, Competing Interests, and Funding. The LaTeX template allows including this information by using the command
  • Providing all source files i.e., LaTeX files with all the associated BibTeX files, style files, special fonts, and eps files.
  • The corresponding author, acting on behalf of all of the authors must complete, print, hand-written sign, scan, and submit the Author Agreement to Publish a Contribution as Open-Access on ParadigmPlus document.

Peer-Review Process

ParadigmPlus performs a double-blind peer review. All submissions will be reviewed at least by two experts. Authors must remove personal details, acknowledgments section, and any other information related to the authors' identity. In addition, every submission is screened by Turnitin.

Each submission is revised by an editor in order to ensure that the submission meets the Manuscript Preparation and Submission Preparation Checklist. The editor assigns at least two reviewers from the Editorial Team, who are experts that hold a Ph.D. degree. Once reviewers provide their evaluations, the editor notifies the decision to the authors. The decision can be: Accept Submission, Revisions Required, or Decline Submission. If the decision is Revisions Required, the authors must provide a revised version. The editor might decide to start a new review round, where the same reviewers verify whether the authors improved the submission.

The process is presented in the following BPMN model.